An icon of San Antonio's West Side, Our Lady of the Lake Comvent, Academy and University was founded by the Sisters of Devine Providence in 1895...or so the dates on the construction photos show. The facility ws literally built in the wilderness..a new real estate developement called "Lakeview" and Elmendorf Lake gave the location its name.

The construction photographs show the laying of the cornerstone and raising of the cross to the top of the steeple.

In the beginning, funds were short so the chapel was not built until; 1925, however, if you look at one of the postcards, you can see where someone sketched their idea of what the chapel might look like. Leo Dielman, prominant San Antonio archetect added this one to his portfolio.

In 1999, the chapel...properly named "Sacred Heart Chapel" was completely restored to its former glory. Only the seating was re-arranged as the conventual style originally used created too narrow of an aisle and "Code" would have none of it.

A fire sprinkler system was installed the sprinkler heads were cleverly hidden in the gothic fan vaulting of the interior.

The acoustics are well known, and if you clap you hands hard, the reverberation takes a full 5 seconds to subside. It is no wonder the University uses it for musical events.

It is a rare gothic jewel and many call it "A little bit of Alsace" which is were the Devine Providence Order of Nuns was founded.

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